Progressive Green Party Ad!

January 25, 2010


Hey Progressives! Check out this ad for our party! In order to view it, click on the link above to open Microsoft PowerPoint, click the Slideshow tab, click From Beginning (in the Start Slideshow box), and enjoy!

This ad is © 2009 by the Progressive Green Party. It is only to be viewed on this site and may not be distributed any way, in part or in whole.

We also have an Office ’03-compatible version: PGPUSA Ad


Poll #1

November 13, 2009

A Center-Left, Pro-Life, “True” Progressive Party

November 13, 2009

We at the Progressive Green Party USA want change. We are people from all different backgrounds, trying to make our communities, our country, and our world a better place to live in. We value honesty, discussion, negotiation, and freedom.

Our party is very small, even compared to other third parties. “Membership” really isn’t the point; all you have to do is discuss issues, suggest candidates to support, propose revisions to the constitution, etc. We do this by way of comments.

For more information, please see the links above.